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Rukiya McNair has been traveling since the age of 3. A Pittsburgh native, she grew up traveling frequently as the child of an airline employee. Rukiya graduated from Kent Sate University with a degree in Pan-African Studies. She moved abroad for the first time shortly after to Jakarta, Indonesia in 2006 and has been living and traveling abroad ever since. Rukiya has lived abroad solo and with her two children. She travels the globe with her little ones while her husband works in Afghanistan. She has lived in 5 countries and visited countless others.

Rukiya is also a designer and business owner with experience in entrepreneurship in the U.S. and abroad! She is thrilled to share her knowledge about moving and living abroad with you in her new book and workbook.


Melanin Migration

by Rukiya McNair

Melanin Migration: The Black Family’s Guide to Moving Abroad is a book that helps families who want to take the leap and move abroad. It gives insight on topics such as how to choose a country to live in, matters of money and living abroad, dealing with naysayers, what to do upon arrival in your new country and much more!


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